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Menu Jaznias

Here at Jaznias our restaurant type is undeniably pizza takeaway. And that's what you'll find in most of our signature dishes. Our menus start with classical options like the Margarita and Fungi pizza slices, which take into account the basic flavours of Italian cuisine to deliver a classic experience. But things quickly grow from there. Try out our Quattro Stagioni pizza and find out how chicken pizza is truly done in Italy. Or opt for a Hot 'n' Spicy and see how the flavors of Mexico bring a whole new identity to the classic pizza slice. We also deal in pasta as well and we assure you there's a dish for everybody in our menu. Our Jaznias Special is, of course, our favourite, a spaghetti base with tomatoes and beef that brings a lot of spring flavours in a single meal. But we have a flavour for all palates really, from our Salmon pasta to our Pollo Tikka, meaning that every day is a new adventure in flavour with us.

About Jaznias

Jaznias takes pride in being a traditional neighbourhood restaurant. And what we mean by that is that our menu was truly built up alongside our clients. Right now Jaznias can be seen as a fusion restaurant with a heavy Italian basis, and that's something that was definitely achieved working side by side with our clients. Italian was definitely one of their favorite flavours and thanks to that we focused more on those dishes while integrating sensibilities from other parts of the world. Here at Jaznias we want to be a familiar place for any local family to gather and have fun, and as such we are dedicated to keep on growing with our neighbours.

Restaurant location Jaznias

We are currently located in the Deardengate area, on BB4 Haslingden; to be more specific we are currently located in 58 Deardengate Haslingden BB4 5SN. This places us right at the crossing point between Haslingden and New Street so not only is it incredibly easy to find us, but it's also a booming area with a lot of places of interest beyond just our restaurant. As such it is both easy and practical to visit us on any given day. But if time is ever short don’t forget that we also offer takeaway, both delivery and pick-up are available online through our site and official app, Jaznias, available both on Google Play and Apple's App Store. So make sure to order soon and try all the new flavours of pizza we have for you.

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